Basic Techniques Of Painting Flowers Series

How You Can Absolutely, Positively Learn To Oil Paint Flowers, Even If You Have Zero Talent Or Have Never Ever So Much As Held A Paintbrush Before.

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to learn to paint beautiful, stunning floral masterpieces that will shock your friends and family, have never painted nor believed you could paint, was not born with ‘talent,’ or … if all you’ve got is a simple desire to learn and you’re looking for someone to provide you with thorough, clear, concise, easy-to-follow painting instructions, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

You will learn how to paint.

Darrell draws from his over 20 years experience in teaching brand new beginning students in over 3,000 workshops how to oil paint. Darrell has taken his experience, techniques and tips and condensed them into 20 hours of video lessons on DVD that will absolutely, positively teach you to oil paint, or your money back.

Darrell backs up his unmatched guarantee with personalized help via email, telephone, newsletters, web videos and on-line student art painting forums on Yahoo and Facebook.


Now, I know you’re probably skeptical.

That’s normal and healthy.

Let me give you three good reasons why we can back up what we claim:


Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: Darrell assumes you know absolutely nothing about painting flowers and starts out with the basics, the supplies you’ll need, how to set up your painting area, how to clean brushes and continues all the way through the different core elements of painting flowers. (The 4-basic Leaves, petals, backgrounds, vases, and garden life-forms) the Basic Flower, and nearly 20 types of flowers..

Reason two: Darrell is the man that college art professors and high school art instructors go to when they want to build their skills in painting. The vast majority of Darrell’s students, though, are beginners like you who simply have a desire to learn to paint.

Reason three: Darrell has been teaching ‘Beginners’ for over 20 years with an iron-clad money-back guarantee. Today, nearly 3,000,000 on-line beginning students have signed up to watch and learn Darrell’s Basic Techniques of Oil Painting and learned how to paint. And you can ‘test drive’ his Basic Technique course to prove to yourself that, “Yes! You can oil paint!”

And its not just “us” saying this.  Read our testimonials and you’ll see why Darrell has nearly 5,000,000 viewers on our YouTube Channel and over 26,000 subscribers.

You will learn how to paint with Darrell’s instructional videos.



I’ve heard enough! I want The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals Now!

Basic Techniques of Floral Painting DVDs     

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

  • No Talent or Experience Required

    Darrell quickly dispels the fable that in order to paint one must have talent. You have enough talent to paint if you can sign your name. In fact, Darrell believes that talent is nothing more than technique practiced over and over. Darrell therefore starts with the fundamentals of floral painting, the supplies, how to use them and leads you by the hand, step-by-step until you’re painting your own floral masterpieces. Not only will you be surprised by your paintings, but friends and family members will insist you’ve been painting flowers for years and hiding your talents.

  • Easy to Understand, Step-by-Step Instructions

    Darrell speaks your language. No high tech art talk. In everyday language Darrell explains how to mix all of the colors, how to load your brush, why you’re using that brush and how to stroke the paint onto the canvas. Everything is explained, step-by-step. You’ll know what to do. How to do it and why.

  • Comprehensive Instructions

    Darrell has broken flower painting down into a few core learning blocks. For example, leaves, petals, backgrounds, vases, garden-life, and accessories like sticks and twigs. This series contains over 25 hours of comprehensive instruction.

  • Innovative close-ups, repeats & slow-motion

    Our filming studios are fully equipped with the latest in sound, video and editing and we make liberal use of close-ups, repeating critical instructions and mixing in slow-motion so that the student is afforded every opportunity to learn. As one of our students said, “It’s impossible not to learn.”

  • Instructions for both left-handed and right-handed beginning students

    Darrell forced himself to paint left handed so that he could show left-handed beginning students how to use the palette knife and brushes. Sometimes, its just too confusing for a left-handed student to transfer a right handed person’s instruction to themselves. Darrell has ample illustrations in both left-handed and right-handed demonstrations throughout the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting series.

  • No More Watching The Back Of The Hand

    One of the cardinal rules of design for this series was to stop filming immediately when only the back of the hand was shown. It’s so frustrating to only see the instructor’s hand and not the brush and how its being worked on the canvas. It makes learning impossible. Darrell insisted upon multiple cameras and different angles to ensure the student can always see the action.

  • Darrell Makes Himself Personally Available To You.

    You’re not just given a set of DVDs and sent off into the wild blue yonder, “Happy Painting.” Darrell not only wants you to learn to paint, but is personally committed to your success. The DVDs are only the beginning. Darrell publishes a Newsletter with additional help articles, help videos and special offers. Over 1,000 articles are published to further your education and answer questions……and there is a wealth of information also available in our “Painting Tips” Section which organizes hundreds of questions and answers for quick access by students.

  • Darrell’s Techniques Are Transferable To Acrylics

    Darrell’s oil painting techniques are transferable to acrylics. We receive countless emails and letters from acrylic artists who tell us how easily they’ve transferred Darrell’s oil painting techniques to Acrylics. To further help, Darrell has put together an optional 2-hour DVD that shows how to Adapt The Floral Techniques to Acrylics.

  • Darrell’s Techniques Are Transferable To Water Miscible Oils

    Do you live in an apartment or with someone that has breathing difficulties? The fumes of traditional oils and solvents are often uncomfortable for those with asthma, breathing difficulties and those living in small quarters or poorly ventilated areas. Water Miscible Oils could well be the answer. Darrell has put together a second optional DVD that shows how to Adapt the Floral Techniques to Water Miscible oils.

  • You Will Learn Learn to paint fantastic leaves …

  • You Will Learn to paint majestic flowers

  • You Will Learn to paint stunning backgrounds

  • You Will Learn to paint beautiful flower vases and containers

  • You Will Learn to paint fabulous garden life and accessories

  • You Will Learn to paint over a dozen basic flowers including Daisies, Gerber Daisies Mums, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Calla Lilly, Tulips, Hibiscus, Gladiolus, Iris, Orchids, Magnolias, Buds and those romantic Roses.

  • You Will Learn to paint awesome flowers even if you’ve never painted a particular flower before. Through this series you will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills you’ll need to paint just about any flower you see worldwide.


I’ve heard enough! I want The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals Now!

Basic Techniques of Floral Painting DVDs     


Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

Darrell never tires of telling the story of how he discovered oil painting. In his own words..

“Back in 1991, I was you. I knew without a doubt, I had no artistic abilities whatsoever.

Nothing, nada, zilch. I even sweated drawing stick people.

I know that sounds like I’m over stating the facts, but the truth is I knew nothing about art. I knew what I couldn’t do. So I didn’t even try what I knew I couldn’t do.

The man who broke through my wall of disbelief is Jessie Martin, an artist in E. Freetown, MA. At a flea market, Jessie, personally spent 45 minutes talking me into just TRYING. I simply did not believe in myself. I knew that I couldn’t paint. I was rock solid in my disbelief. I had no faith in me.

Oh, do I remember my disbelief. I’d seen that fuzzy headed guy on TV now and then. Although I knew he was talented, I didn’t believe him either when he said he could teach me to paint. One had to be born with talent to paint. Everyone knows that.

But Jessie said something that day to me I’ve never forgotten. His words got through my thick-headed engineering mind.

First thing he said was signing one’s name is an art form. We spend more time in school teaching people how to write than how to paint. And anybody with enough practice can sign their name. And with practice, I could paint.

Well, I had no trouble signing my name. It wasn’t pretty, but it was unique and for most of my life I was able to sign my name anytime. The school teachers had taught me the fundamentals of the writing technique, I had practiced, and practiced until the art of signing my name was second nature.

The second thing Jessie said that really hit me like a ton of bricks was that learning the fundamentals of oil painting was simply learning the techniques.

He could teach me the techniques and all I had to do was simply practice, practice, practice. I could practice anything if “I understood mentally what I was doing”. Jessie made it clear he would help me to understand mentally the concept of each technique.

It’s all history now, but let me tell you…..I sat down with Jessie, took a class with a lot of disbelief. But I walked away differently from that lesson. The difference, was that now I truly knew “I could paint”.


I’ve heard enough! I want The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals Now!

Basic Techniques of Floral Painting DVDs     

I now had tons of faith in me. With enough practice, I could turn technique into talent.

Today, I’m so amazed by all the people who tell me how talented I am.

I owe it all to Jessie’s comment, “Darrell, anyone can paint, even you. Learn the techniques. Practice them until their second nature and never quit practicing. When the techniques become second nature, than you’ll not believe how the world opens up to you and you literally will want to paint everything you see. You’ll look at the world with different eyes. You’ll be an artist.”

Jessie was right.

I would have given anything back then to have a comprehensive library as this DVD series in which to learn painting. And I searched everywhere.


I’ve heard enough! I want The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals Now!

Basic Techniques of Floral Painting DVDs     


I created the Basic Techniques Of Painting Flowers Because it didn’t exist and I wanted you to have the best possible instructions in your quest to learn to oil paint.

Most importantly, I want you to believe in yourself that you can paint.

From the very first DVD in this series, your experience will totally transform your concept, your belief in you. You will walk away with absolute faith that “Yes, you can oil paint.”

Jessie’s words have become the inspiration behind all of my lessons and the drive to constantly help everyone to mentally understand the concept behind each technique taught in my DVD series. If you have a “want to” no matter how much you “disbelieve,” you can learn to oil paint.

I can’t believe how my wife proudly boasts about my work and actively pushes my paintings to people she meets. My children, who are well in their Thirty Something now, admire my paintings and even have them hanging on their walls.


I’ve heard enough! I want The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals Now!

Basic Techniques of Floral Painting DVDs     

Grandchildren love to come over to “Pop-Pops” house to paint.

I have never experienced the thrill or joy in creating anything like I do when I pick up a paint brush. I want everyone to experience this grand and glorious feeling. You can do this, just as easily as I did.

What will your family and friends say when you show them your masterpieces? Paintings that you’ve done yourself?”

Don’t take my word for it.

Listen to what our customers say.

“My very first painting is so incredibly good that it is frame-able quality! I am astounded …”



Darrell. First, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! My very first painting is so incredibly good that it is frame-able quality! I am astounded, and to say that I am pleased would be the biggest understatement of the years! I stare at this painting and in awe that it came from my very own hands.

I used to watch the Bob Ross TV show and think that I would do that when I am ‘old’ and a grandmother. By then I thought I would have time and money to devote to painting. Well, at the ‘old’ age of 52 with my first granddaughter, my long ago dream came true. My friends can’t believe that this is my very first oil painting. Once again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me via DVD instructions. I am more grateful than I can put into words.

— Wyletta, Now an Artist!


“It’s Impossible Not To Learn…”



“I received my free video lessons, Water, and was more surprised than I expected to be. All the testimonials said the DVD was wonderful and easy to use. That can mean many things to different people, but very little to me. What the testimonials didn’t say was that you teach ‘one stroke’ at a time, with more explanation than stroke. This technique with the picture quality, the camera position and zoom not only make it possible to learn, but makes it impossible not to learn.”

Phyllis Scholts


“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be painting today….all I ever wanted to do was to draw and paint.”



“Hi Darrell. I want to thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to pursue my lifelong dream. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be painting today. I was made to believe since I was very little that all the talent in the family (I come from a family of many artists) went to my aunt and her children and that I had none (despite the fact that since I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was to draw and paint).

It took many years of therapy and “YOU” to overcome this and at least try. You see, I wanted this so much that I was afraid to even try because if I did try and couldn’t do it, I would have proof that my mother was right after all, and I didn’t have any talent. So I just spent my whole life dreaming of art but not having the courage to try. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to you and I’m soooooo lucky to have found your studio. Million thanks……”

— Francine O.





“I think I had more trouble getting the canvas prepared than painting. It was so much fund to do this….I am truly amazed at how easy you made this, and you were not even here in the room with me, yet were able to help me step by step to create this painting by supplying me with such simplified and easy to follow instruction and person to person support.

I was truly amazed when I answered my phone today and it was you ready to help. I do not think that even if I was in a room with an instructor, I would have had the same attention or support I received from you. Thank You.”

Sherry D., California, USA

I’ve heard enough! I want The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals Now!

Basic Techniques of Floral Painting DVDs     







Darrell, I ordered your complete set of DVDs and have been thoroughly enjoying learning from them. I have painted one picture every day for the past month, sometimes the same one again to improve it. I am really getting much better every day and just wanted you to know that I think it is wonderful that you are offering these instructions to help us “wannabe’s’

I retired in July and have wanted to learn to paint all my life, never having time or money to try it before. Needless to say that I am having the time of my life learning now. Thanks again, also, for the personal attention you have given via emails to help me with decisions and questions.Helen W.



i have just finished a 3 day workshop with Darrell here in Ireland and i so enjoyed the whole 3 days, day one and three i was able to implement all the things i had learned from darrell’s dvds and yes i did all the noises and the sayings ie” up in the air” ect. i was so impressed with the end results, but i have to say that day two was a real challenge to me as we did a wild life and i had never tried this before. and oh boy was i surprised i never though that a lion could be so easey to paint. thank you Darrell … You were just the same in person as you were on your dvd’s. a pleasure to meet you and an even bigger pleasure to have painted with you. kind regards.




Nothing Remotely Compares To The Quality Of Your Teaching!!!

I can oil paint. You were right again. What a wonderful teacher you are Darrell. There is nothing on the market down under that can be remotely compared to the quality of your most detailed and practical mode of teaching. Thank you Darrell.

Kindest Regards, J Wallace Australia



Hi Darrell, My name is Andy. I’m 52 years old; i live in a beautiful part of Scotland in Argylll. as i look out my window i can see mountains and the sea. As a youngster i dabbled with painting mostly water colours; it never amounted to much. As i have the luxury of such beautiful scenery from my window i have often thought how great it would be if i had the skill to oil paint them; i never thought for one minute that after watching your DVDs i could actually do it myself.

Well i am doing it! and quite well at that! following your style and technique i am turning out works of art [well my family thinks so] i get a real kick out of it as well. Thanks,



I Just Need 48 Hours a Day To Take It All In!

Many thanks for the very quick supply of the basic oil painting discs which arrived safely in the UK Weds. There is so much useful information to gleam. I just need 48 hours in a day to take it all in! Thanks for putting me on the road to many happy hours painting.

Ann P in the UK.

I’ve heard enough! I want The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals Now!

Basic Techniques of Floral Painting DVDs     


Warning: Do NOT buy any Learn To Oil Paint DVDs unless they meets the following 6 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

Does your potential instructor produce the types of paintings that you’d like to paint? That you would be proud to say you painted?

Does your instructor’s DVDs cover the basics, the fundamentals of painting?

Does your potential instructor’s DVDs cover all of the steps of a technique or a painting? Or do they skip sections and move on to a new section leaving you lost?

How will your instructor help you learn from their DVD when you’re lost, or have questions or need more explanation? How will they interact personally with you?

Do you understand your instructor in his/her DVDs? Are the topics clearly presented and the video/sound enhancing the learning process?

Will your DVD Instructor review your painting lessons and tell you what you’ve done well and what you can do to improve?

I’ve heard enough! I want The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals Now!

Basic Techniques of Floral Painting DVDs     

You get at least 10 times your money’s worth!

These Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Flowers videos are so jam packed with technique after technique that just 30 minutes of instruction is equivalent to one of Darrell’s full day 5-6 hours workshops. Thus each DVD would be equivalent to what you would learn in four or five of Darrell’s workshops.

And lots of Darrell’s students write in to say that they have four-year college degrees in art, but learned more about how to paint from a single video than their entire four years in college.

Darrell charges an average of $65.00 a student per workshop. Thus the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting series of videos represents an equivalent of 45 workshops or $2,925 in workshop tuition.

But you will pay far, far less than that for this Series of Basic art instruction videos.. And…. you will not have to spend 9 weeks sitting in seminars either.

You can acquire Darrell’s Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals videos either on DVD or with a lifetime membership to his online Beginning Art Student club.

Each DVD sells separately for $24.95.

That’s 14 Basic Techniques of Florals DVDs priced at $ 349.30

Therefore the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals DVD set includes 14 DVDs valued at $ 349.30. And I’ve sold thousands of DVDs at this price.

But you will pay far, far less than that for this Series of DVDs or for a membership in our lifetime, on-line Video Art Club, http://www.YouCanPaintClub.com.

Let’s just take a moment and review what you will receive when you order the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Flowers.

In summary, here’s what you get:

  1. Over 25 hours of comprehensive, step-by-step video instructions for beginners on the fundamentals of Oil Painting Flowers.

  2. 12 2-hour videos that cover the Basic Building Blocks of painting flowers.

  3. A Bonus floral painting project video that puts to practice what you’ve learned in the Basic Techniques of Painting Flowers.

  4. An information-packed website, http://www.YouCanPaintFlowers.com, that is full of FAQ’s, videos, articles and newsletter.

  5. Access to us for questions, concerns and issues through email and/or telephones

  6. Over 1,000 ‘how to’ articles on our Newsletter

  7. Access to our beginners forum on yahoo groups, where beginning artists just like you can exchange ideas, ask questions, submit photos for review …

  8. And…..a special surprise Bonus DVD, Adapting The Basic Techniques of Flowers to Acrylics.

  9. And…..a second special surprise Bonus DVD, Adapting The Basic Techniques of Flowers to Water Soluble Oils.

  10. My personal guarantee that you will learn how to paint flowers!


If you respond right away, you pay only $99.95. for the DVD Series……,

But….. before you decide, let me show you how you can obtain our entire Basic Techniques of Flower Painting for less than 50 cents a video.

By Joining Darrell’s on-line Lifetime Beginners Art School, …

What’s The Difference Between The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Flowers & Membership To The Beginners Art School??


The videos on the DVDs and the videos in the Art Club are identical. They’re the same. So you receive the same quality of instruction no matter which you choose.

The difference is in the additional premium art lessons available to you without additional cost as a member.

Aahhhhhh! the benefits of membership.


The YouCanPaintClub.com provides members with unlimited access to over 250 2-hour art instructional videos we’ve already produced AND all art lessons we’ll ever produce in the future.

That’s lifetime, unlimited access to all of the films we’ve ever done and all we’ll produce in the future.

Membership In The http://www.YouCanPaintClub.com offers beginning art student unlimited access to premium video art lessons covering landscapes, seascapes, flowers, seascapes, wildlife, people, pop art portraits, color mixing, how to paint from photos, how to teach children and more. You’ll learn how to paint in oils, acrylics and/or water mixable oils. To reenforce your learning experience, we’ve provided over 100 painting projects of beautiful masterpieces that you can paint and display in your home.

Learn just what you want, or learn it all.


This is the most comprehensive video art learning center available anywhere.  I’ve included every single art educational DVD I’ve ever made into this comprehensive on-line school.  That’s over 300 DVDs that teaches how to paint flowers, landscapes, seascapes, tall ships, wildlife, pets, people, pop art portraitures, and well over 100 painting projects.  And it includes lessons on Color Mixing, How To Paint From Photographs, and even How to Teach Kids To Paint and much, much more.

A Lifetime membership…

Just one low price…

One time only…..

Watch everything we’ve ever done …..

And everything we’ll ever do …..

I know its hard to decide which of these options make sense……The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Flowers on DVDs or a lifetime membership in the YouCanPaintClub.com.

Take a moment and review the chart below to determine which program makes best sense for you…..




DVDs vs YouCanPaintClub.com


The Basic Techniques Of Oil Painting Floral Videos
DVDs Art Club
Preparation For Painting Florals
Learn To Paint The Basic Leaf
Learn To Paint Basic Flower
Learn To Paint Backgrounds, Vases, and Flower Containers 2-DVDs
Learn To Paint Sticks, Twigs, and Wiggly Things
Learn To Paint Daisies, Gerber Daisies, Mums, and Hydrangeas
Learn To Paint Tulips, Cala Lilly, Daffodils
Learn To Paint Hibiscus and Gladiolus
Learn To Paint Iris, Orchids, Magnolias
Learn To PaintRoses, Roses, Roses, 2-DVDs
Premium Video Art Lessons
12-DVD SET:Learn To Paint In Oils
18-DVD SET: Learn To Paint Tall Ships
12-DVD SET: Learn To Paint Seascapes
14-DVD SET: Learn To Paint Wildlife
3-DVD SET: Learn To Paint People
1-DVD SET: Learn To Paint Pop Art Portraits
8-DVD SET: Learn To Teach Kids To Paint
8-DVD SET: Learn To Paint From Photos
8-DVD SET: Learn To Mix Colors
12-DVD SET: Learn To Paint In Acrylics
4-DVD SET: Learn To Paint In Water Mixable Oils
100+ Painting Projects
All Future Painting Projects
Painting Review Webisodes
Darrell’s Webshows
Price Flower DVDs

Clearly the best value resides in Club Membership.

But the real answer is what makes best sense for you? Are you more comfortable learning from DVDs, or is an on-line classroom environment best for you?

Which ever way you choose, we’re there to help you. All of our resources, attention and effort will be to help you not only learn the basic techniques of oil painting, but to become an accomplished artist.

I know its a tough decision.

I’ve shared with you my experiences, you’ve seen demos of my painting style and I’ve shared with you everything that’s included in this series of art instructions. You’ve seen what my students say and I’ve shown you their paintings. You’ve had an opportunity to ‘test drive’ one of our full-length, 2-hour art lesson DVD, The Basic Wave.

But there’s one last thing I’d like to share with you.


Act immediately and receive the following additional super premium bonuses

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately by ordering either the Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Flowers or membership in our on-line Beginning Art School  YouCanPaingClub.com, you’ll also receive the following:

Bonus 1:
PDF transcript of Darrell’s 9 Basic Techniques of Oil Painting DVDs. This is nearly 2,000 pages and normally sells for $27.00

Bonus 2:
Audio recording of Darrell with Internet Web Host Mark Johnson featuring How to Sell Paintings. I sell this recording for $24.95

Bonus 3:
80 minute Audio of Darrell explaining how Beginners can sell their paintings. I sell this for $37.00

Bonus 4:
Copy of Darrell’s article: A Beginners Blueprint To Selling Paintings From Their Home. This is valued at $27.00

Bonus 5:
Copy of Darrell’s article: How to Price Your Artwork. This is valued at $27.00

Bonus 6:
A one-half hour consultation with Darrell when you’re ready. After you’ve had the opportunity of viewing the video lessons, send an email to darrell@darrellcrow.com requesting your free one half hour. Ask any painting question you have. Be sure to send your phone number and available times. We’d like to think that this is a priceless value for you.

By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money-back guarantee:


You can’t lose with our 100%, ironclad, moneyback guarantee

“Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad moneyback guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with our product, just contact us (or send the product back) within 90 days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings.”

Don’t decide now.

What I’m saying is, don’t decide now if membership in our Beginning Art School or The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Flowers is for you and will teach you to paint flowers.

Order The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Flowers on DVD or as a Club member and start taking the lessons.

If our art lessons doesn’t do everything I say and more, if the lessons are not life-changing, if the lessons don’t work for you, if you don’t learn how to paint after trying our series of video art lessons, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our 30-days no-loopholes guarantee..

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Here’s how to order right now!

I’ve Decided! I want The Basic Techniques of Oil Painting Florals on DVDs including all of the Bonus Video Art Lessons! Basic Techniques of Floral Painting DVDs     

YES I WANT TO SIGN UP NOW FOR THE ON-LINE BEGINNERS ART SCHOOL Sign me up for the lifetime membership in Darrell’s Beginning Art School for a single one time payment of $197.00

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